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CA League Celebrates 90 Years: Heritage, Purpose, & Excellence

For more than 90 years, the California Credit Union League has undergone a remarkable transformation. What initially began as a modest volunteer organization in 1933 with a specific political agenda has evolved into a well-established, highly skilled, and professional association.

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That’s why the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues are celebrating the California League’s 90th Anniversary this week during REACH 2023! The League’s story from 1933 to 2023 is its member credit unions’ story. It’s one of commitment, dedication, exhilaration — and at times, despair. It’s a journey through the eyes of individuals who fell in love with ideals and spent their lives helping others discover the great credit union story.

Click here to view our 90th Anniversary site, spotlighting an interactive timeline and a special decade-by-decade journey through the past, including:

  • 1920 – 1939: The ‘Father’ of Our Movement
  • 1940 – 1949: Helping Others Help Themselves
  • 1950 – 1959: Finding Our Cooperative Spirit
  • 1960 – 1969: Enigmatic Spirit, Growth, and Drama
  • 1970 – 1979: Communication, Technology, and Corporates
  • 1980 – 1989: Growing Complexity and Greater Coordination
  • 1990 – 1999: Political Advocacy Takes Center Stage
  • 2000 – 2023: We are Honored to Continue Serving YOU

Today, the Leagues’ dedicated leaders offer a wide range of educational, informative, and advocacy services, working to secure significant victories in Sacramento, CA, Carson City, NV, and Washington, D.C. that empower credit unions to make meaningful differences in people’s lives. As the Leagues look to the future, we do so through the lens of the past. Legacy and leadership aren’t just about envisioning tomorrow — it’s important to applaud the dedication and persistence of those preceding us.

During REACH 2023 — the industry’s premier annual conference for credit union leaders and guests from October 22-26 in Las Vegas, NV — credit union leaders from California, Nevada, and elsewhere will recognize and honor the Leagues’ heritage as they look at where we’ve come from to appreciate where we are going. It’s a labor of love as we remain committed to credit unions, for all the years and decades past and all the decades to come.

Stay Engaged During REACH
Attendees and League staff will be sharing photos, comments, and memories through X (@CANVleagues) and LinkedIn (#CUatREACH).

REACH is one of the credit union industry’s premier annual events, attracting leaders and system partners from across California, Nevada and the United States. This year it’s held from October 22 – 26 at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV!


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