Political Action Committee

Amplifying the Credit Union voice

Fundraising for League Political Action Committee (PAC) is vital for credit unions and their members. The California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues have their own registered PACs. For more information, contact Political Advocacy Manager, Angelica Pappalardo at angelicap@ccul.org. 

Why is PAC so Important?

PACs have a tremendous impact on influencing the legislative body. It allows individuals and credit unions to pool their money to make a larger impact on those elected officials than what they could have done on their own. The California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues offer programs designed to help raise money for its PAC and are a great way for credit unions to receive credit toward their network goal. For complete information on PAC, or for network PAC Goals, please contact Angelica Pappalardo.

Advocacy Award Winners

The Advocacy Awards are presented each year during the PAC Reception at REACH, the League’s annual meeting and convention. Winners are individuals and credit unions or organizations that display extraordinary leadership in advocacy and political action. For a list of PAC award winners, please contact Angelica Pappalardo.

Permission Agreements

Federal political involvement is such a sensitive issue that the Federal Election Commission (FEC) long ago established a requirement that institutions “opt-in” to political action before being presented with actual information related to the Federal PAC. Signing the permission agreement doesn’t obligate you to participate; it only allows us to send information about our activities related to the Federal PAC. There are currently no laws restricting the State PAC or fundraisers for candidates this is only for information regarding the CA/NV Federal PAC.  Click here to update your permission agreement.

Ways to Get Involved With PAC

  • Host a fundraiser at your credit union!
  • Make a one-time donation during our annual CULAC events:
    • GAC Sweepstakes
    • June 30×30 campaign
    • REACH Sweepstakes

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